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Secondary contact: Parkie L Luce, Luce Properties, 1809 Bay Shore Dr. Rockport, TX 78382

This page serves as the source for information and news for the Key Allegro Canal and Property Owner's Association, Inc.

Notice to Key Allegro Residents and Visitors:

Key Allegro Canal and Property Owners Association, Inc.

A Problem With the Grass

As homeowners on the Island, we are all most interested in maintaining the appearance of the island in general.  However, it has been recently pointed out to your Board that there are some vacant lots (and houses) that are not being properly maintained, as required by our deed restrictions. In particular, we have noticed that the grass has been allowed to become unsightly tall, and in a few instances, that refuse has been allowed to accumulate on some lots and yards. This, after repeated written notices have been sent, requesting remediation of the matter. Read More

CodeRED Emergency Notification System

During an emergency, the City of Rockport and Aransas County will implement the CodeRED Emergency Notification System. Citizens with caller ID on their phones should take note that the caller name that appears is "CodeRED" and that the call will come from 855-969-4636 or a 361 number. The system will call each telephone number in the database. Once answered, the system will deliver a short voice message to you or your answering machine. If a recipient of a call wants to hear the message again, calling the phone number that appears on the caller ID will give residents the opportunity to listen to the call again. If the call is not answered or if the line is busy, the system will attempt to make the call again. The system can also send this emergency message to a cell phone by SMS (text) and can be received by email.

Residents must register with the system in order to receive messages from CodeRED. If you have already signed up through FirstCall, your information has already been transferred. 

Residents can contact Lt. Larry Sinclair at (361) 790-1134 if they have questions or need assistance.

Island Activities

Allegro Woman's Club - 11:00 a.m., 2nd Thursday, September - May, place will be announced
President - Joanna Schmermund
Key Allegro Men's Club - 6:30 p.m., 2nd Wednesday, Allegro House
President - Fred Gonzales
Allegro Garden Club - 10:00 a.m., 3rd Monday, September - May, Allegro House
President - Ann Hoffert

Key Allegro Board of Directors - 8:30 a.m., 2nd Monday, Allegro House. All meetings are open.

All the organizations welcome new members. The Allegro Woman's Club and the Garden Club do not meet during the summer, but resume in September.

To reserve the Allegro House, contact Parkie Luce, 361-729-9161, Luce Properties, 1809 Bay Shore Dr, Rockport, TX 78382

Odds and Ends

Allegro House WiFi - The Allegro House offers wifi. Please log into the Owner's Area to get the password.
Golf Carts on Key Allegro Streets - Drivers must be 16 years old and licensed
Speed Limit on Key Allegro Streets - 30 MPH
Yield Sign Coming ONTO Key Allegro - is directed at YOU as you come onto the island. Yield to the traffic coming south on Fulton Beach Road turning onto Key Allegro
Directories - Key Allegro 2016 Directories may be purchased at Luce Properties, 1809 Bay Shore Drive, for $5 each
Contractor Yard Signs - As soon as construction/decorating work is complete all yard signs must be removed

Pool Keys - Key FOBs to the Key Allegro swimming pool may be purchased for $25 at Luce Properties by Key Allegro members in good standing. Contact them at 1809 Bay Shore, Rockport, TX 78382 or at (361) 729-9161. Key FOB must be in your possession for entry to and use of the pool.

Please note the Pool Rules posted on the gate and on the pump house. Members and guests must abide by these rules and those who violate them may be requested to leave the premises. Security cameras are in place with live feed.

Pool closes at 9pm and re-opens at 7am. FOBs will not be active between the hours of 9pm and 7am.

Those Pesky Drainpipes - The 8" drains under your driveway are the responsibility of each individual homeowner Please make sure that they are checked and cleaned regularly.

dog signPets - Did you know that there is a "leash law" on the island? Yes, we are required to keep our pets on a leash while they are out of any containment area. However, this does not mean that we can allow them to "leave a deposit" anywhere they please, while on the leash. Accordingly, all pet owners are reminded to either (a) insure that their pets "do their business" in their owners yard, or (b) bring a bag with them, as they walk their pet, or use one of the new "doggie poop bags" situated along Bay Shore Drive.

Being A Good Neighbor

Our Island has two types of residents: those who live here full time and those who come to their house here every chance they get. It is this latter group that depends on those of us who are permanent residents to alert our neighbors in the event we should notice something amiss in their house while they are not here, such as leaking water, open doors or windows, pool cleaner spraying water out of your pool for hours, sprinkler systems on for days, or maybe a stuck light circuit. This is just being a good neighbor. We will be asking for the non-permanent residents to share basic contact information with your neighbors or the Board of Directors in case of one of the instances listed above or if some other type of non-emergency notification is required. Please check the Homeowner Area page for more details.

Talking about non permanent residences, it is not being a good neighbor to allow your yard to grow untamed, or to allow trash to collect at your curb while you are not here. In this instance, we will attempt to contact the homeowner and to have the yard mowed and trash removed. If this is not successful, the Board has the authority to, and will, have it mowed and the trash removed, and will bill the homeowner for the cost. This also applies to empty lots. Allowing your yard to become unkempt is to cause the neighborhood to become unsightly, which will have a depressing effect on values in the area. This is definitely NOT being a good neighbor.

Neighborhood Safety

Call the police if you see any suspicious activity in your area. The non-emergency number is (361) 729-2222.

Have you Noticed??

We now have doggie "poop stations" on the beach greens area. Thank you for using them and keeping the grassy areas clean.

Island Beautification

It is your responsibility to clean and maintain your yard, and if you don't the Board will handle it and send you a bill. Your Board has worked diligently this past year to beautify the island; however, there have been some properties that have looked shabby and we ask that you please cooperate and "clean up". We ask that you remove boats and boat trailers from your property, and especially motor homes. Store them off the island - make your neighbors happy!

Our Biggest Continuing Problem...

Boat Wakes! Boat Wakes! Boat Wakes!
They compromise the integrity of our bulkheads and damage docked boats. Please slow down and tell your guests and renters to do the same. As you exit the canals you are still in a "no wake" zone until you reach the south end of Leggett Channel.

Signs stating "No Wake" can be obtained when available from the Harbor Master at the Navigation District. Boats pulling wakes continue to be a major problem. No wake signs have been cleaned up and new ones placed on strategic pilings. Of real importance to all homeowners is protection of our bulkheads, and quoting from By-laws Article X (4): No member, or any other person, shall operate a boat on the canals at a speed which will produce a wake of sufficient size to disturb or rock boats moored in the canals, and in no event at a speed in excess of five (5) miles per hour. The Association may levy fines of $50.00 for each offense after the first warning has been given.

ALL WATER NORTH OF THE ENTRANCE INTO LEGGETT CHANNEL IS A NO WAKE ZONE. Violations may be reported by calling the police nonemergency number at (361) 729-2222.

Underwater Lights

The placement and installation of underwater lights, like the addition of other improvements on the island, is governed by the deed restrictions of Key Allegro.

What this means is that anyone wishing to install underwater lights must apply for a permit from the Architectural Control Committee. Failure to do so may mean that the lighting in question may be required to be removed, at the owner's expense. These lights may also expose the owner to serious personal liabilities, as described below.

It should be kept in mind that if there are injuries to persons or property caused by lighting that is not installed in accordance with the applicable codes, the owner of the lighting may be liable for any damages caused by his or her lights, and in the case of personal injuries, the damages may be quite large. So, the Board encourages all homeowners to apply for, and obtain a permit before installing any underwater lighting.

Also, if you should have purchased a home with such lighting, you are advised to check to insure that the lighting has been installed pursuant to a valid permit, and applicable codes. If not, it is requested that that you immediately contact the ACC and request a permit, whereupon the committee will help you to insure that the lights are, in fact, in full compliance.

Key Allegro Building Permits

Building permits are ALWAYS REQUIRED for the following on Key Allegro:

All construction or modifications must comply with applicable Key Allegro deed restrictions, as well as city building ordinances.

Help preserve our island . . . ASK BEFORE YOU ACT!

Call Key Allegro Permitting Agent Stephen Haynes (361-727-2301) for information and consultation.

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